Apr 6, 2009

Summary of the last two days


Stared wistfully at sewing machine. Procrastinated. Stared at sewing machine again. Hung out on Ravelry. Thought about sewing. Never actually left computer.


Took pictures of Izzy. Took more pictures of Izzy. Finally got one where she didn’t move around. Yes, that’s a guitar from Guitar Hero 3 in the background.


Knitted some more on the hat that turns my hands green. Scared husband with green hands.


Took pictures of Sebbie’s paw, because that was the only part of him that didn’t move around all the time. He hates it when I take pictures of him. Tried getting an unblurry picture with low shutter speed. Got two. Both of paw. Fun times. It’s a lovely chunky paw, though. He’s strong!


I also:

- Fell asleep while sitting on the couch. With Izzy on lap. She didn’t mind.

- Spent lots of time on Ravelry. Even contributed to the VLT.

- Watched The Village because Space decided it was the day of lame horror movies.

- Coloured in parts of a page in my notebook. Just colours. Doesn’t look like anything. But I get to use all my pens, which is what counts.

- Made cinnamon pancakes. Tried blueberry honey. Liked our Grand Marnier maple syrup better after all.

- Drooled at yarn. And fiber. And the Harmony wood knitting needles.

- Tried hard to finish hat. Gave up.

- Tried grafting a wristwarmer again. Gave up. Why can’t I do it? I’ve done it before!  Garter grafting, you broke me! Now I can’t do any kind of kitchener!

- Wondered why I cannot for the life of me graft anything in garter stitch, despite following instructions to the letter.

- Decided to make easter decorations (bunnies and chickens!). Found appropriate acrylic yarn. Husband did not squee enough, so changed mind. Put yarn back. Also could not find my bag of stuffing anywhere.

- Tried to work on new tawashi. Got angry at it. Put it in time-out.

- Snuggled with cats.

- Snuggled with husband.

- Decided that post office can wait until tomorrow. Hoping for better weather.

- Turned apartment upside-down to find knitting supplies I don’t need anymore, to spread the love.

- Used our “new” washing machine. Impressed by the fact that it cleans. Clearly it was about time to replace the old one.


There. More than you ever wanted to know about my life :p

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