Apr 8, 2009

A lot of time spent doing very little

I coloured in an entire page of my notebook.

It was more tempting than certain chores, you see. I don't have yarn anymore, so no knitting can be done. Yes, I feel sorry for me too.


I have a lot of pink and purple pens. (Which does not, by the way, mean that I have too many, or even enough. Just for the record.)

I need more yellow.

Thin pens are not good for colouring large areas.

Paper covered in ink likes to curl.

The purple and orange Uniball Signo 207s have great coverage.

All my pens dry very fast. Even the thick ones.

Only one pen decided to bleed through. A Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint. Stupid thing even stained the next page. Then again, it was the only one without gel ink. As far as I know. I don’t know very much.

I don’t like Pentel Sliccis as much as the Hi-Tec-Cs. Might be because of the way I hold the pen. The Sliccis are actually scratchier for me. Apparently I always have to be different.


I’ll probably do something similar in tones of one colour later. If I get really bored, or try to avoid doing dishes.


Gentian said...

Ooh I love it. Are you going to upload it to the Jet Pens facbook page? I felt the same way, that I did not have enough Yellow and blue and red pens...I have quite a lot of pink purple and green..and lots of browns :) I love that Signo DX Golden Yellow! It's really pretty. Yeah colouring with thin pens is a pain. It's nice to have bolder markers for that definitely :) Okay I'll stop rambling.

Marte said...

I already uploaded it :p Had to share the craziness, you know.

The golden yellow Signo DX is first on my wishlist. Along with the other new colours, because I just can't resist.
I need a pen dealing sugar daddy.

Yarn Princess said...

N... n... nooo... nooo yarn???????