Apr 12, 2009

Happy chocolate day!


Yarn Princess said...

Wait... I've been seeing bunnies all over. Is that a chocolate squirrel????????

Marte said...

Yes! And it doesn't make any sense at all, it's completely nuts! *prepares for the groan* :p

Anonymous said...

Happy chocolate day to you to.

Here in belgium we got the easter bunny on a visit and he brought us some nice chocolates, Mmmmmm I LOOVe chocolate.

I found your blog through the ravelry RAK wishlists.

You make some wonderful things !!


Marte said...

Mmmm, Belgian chocolate is the very best!
Thanks for stopping by :)

ViVy said...

es increible, pero yo no comi nada de chocolate en pascua.

Marte said...

Aww, I'm sorry for you - but it's never too late for chocolate!

Gentian said...

This is my favorite photo! A chocolate squirrel! That is just awesome.