Mar 25, 2009

When two loves unite

… this is the result.


I needed to use a tiny crochet hook, but didn’t have one with a handle… and they’re incredibly uncomfortable to use without. So I emptied the barrel of an old pen that doesn’t work anymore (better if you get one without the clip-thingie on top, as I’m sure it’d become annoying after a while), inserted the crochet hook, and cut enough of the ink-holder thingie inside to wedge against the hook to keep it in place. Taped the two together, and that’s all there is to it.

Of course you can use anything that fits inside the barrel to keep the hook in place, I just didn’t feel like looking all over the place for something pretty.



Yes, in my household, things that we don’t immediately remember the name of get called thingies. It happens a lot, since neither of us are native speakers of English.


Yarn Princess said...

Thingy, or the plural Thingies, derived from the Craftitus word Thingamus, ;) is a perfectly good and usable English word. I use it all the time! :)

Marte said...

Good to know I'm not the only one ;)

iamtheinfidel said...

I am TOTALLY going to do this!
Love the thingy

Marte said...

Yay! Thingies for the win!

Nosferatuia said...

Very cool, did you post this on the Jet Pens Forum? You should put it in the DIY Pen Tips section ;