Mar 29, 2009

Today’s doodle… and some other randomness

A grape/hippo/animal thing, based on a strange creature I saw in “Gurren Lagann” - a very over-the-top hectic anime with huge mechas which is made by Gainax, of whom I’m sure you know already if you’re into anime at all :)

If you think that sentence was hard to read without mentally running out of breath… then don’t watch Gurren Lagann!

Now what to fill the rest of the notebook page with… hmm…

In other news, Nosferatuia posted a review of Q-lia’s Crystal Cube gel pens today. Now I want them. They’re not available online. Is this good or bad? I don’t know.

Also, this. Beautiful pen. Yes, pens can be beautiful. I don’t even know if I’d ever use it, at least not until I grow up a little bit and manage to not write with rainbow colors all the time… but I crave it nonetheless. Maybe I could just… hang it on the wall? Would that be weird at all?

Did you know that they (ok, Japan… or.. South Korea. Not sure which is to blame for this, this, this… wickedness!) make scented kneadable erasers in happy colors? They even come in a cute box… somehow I wish I didn’t know that. Or, to be more correct, my bank account wishes I didn’t know. Then again, that account died a painful death a long, long time ago.


Gentian said...

I have seen those colourful and scented kneaded erasers. They are cute! I have one that is "cola" scented. I got my friend a "grapefruit" one. I haven't used mine yet. I should see if it is any good at erasing. I just love the packaging though. I'll have to take a photo of it soon.

That pen looks beautiful. I love the semi matte look of it. :)

Marte said...

I was wondering how they erase too! Cola scented, that sounds nice... I wanted strawberry scented, but they seem harder to find.
Or lemon... or orange... citrus works well in scented things, it seems. As long as it doesn't smell like toilet cleaner!

Nosferatuia said...

I like your doodle of the day! I also want some of those scented kneaded I enable enable me...and we retire to Star Trek ha ha!

Marte said...

Works for me ;) Mutual enabling, yay!