Mar 26, 2009

Theme Thursday – things to do when you’re bored

Beware, this is full of timewasters!


Practice your shadow puppet skills:


Make a Yip-Yip costume and dress up for buying groceries:


Learn some useful knots, practice on every piece of available string you can find, including shoelaces already on shoes:


Learn the Norwegian names of a bunch of flowers – or just look at the pretty pictures:


The most adorable cartoon ever, about a kitten. At only 3 minutes an episode, you owe it to yourself to at least watch one:


How about some addictive flash games?


Watch Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese dramas. Remember to have plenty of tissues available, these are tearjerkers!


Some look fun, some are strange, others are just plain ugly:


Translate any text from original language to any other, then translate it back. Repeat a couple of times. Laugh at result:


This will make you feel like a better baker. Guaranteed:


How not to list your house/apartment for sale:


Older than the Internet’s grandmother, but still hilarious -  Dogs in Elk:


Robots in the Victorian Era:

(PS: It’s not real. Didn’t prevent a lot of people from thinking so, though. Another oldie.)

Now you have no reason to get any work done for a few hours. You’re welcome! :p


ViVy said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

ahhh amazing...I am was looking for ways to procrastinate a little more! :D

Marte said...

Always happy to help :p