Mar 12, 2009

Theme Thursday – Strawberries!

Because they taste good, smell good and look pretty!

I can't make much in the way of strawberry related foods/desserts because Jeff is very allergic, but there is a link to my favorite breakfast among the pictures.

It is delicious! Make sure to use a good-quality yogurt.

My favorite is Liberté organic vanilla yogurt, to which I add

strawberries and Kellogg's Guardian cereal with maple syrup.

It makes for a nice, filling little breakfast!


Bonus round:

Strawberry Path, “When the Raven has come to the Earth”. Japanese hard/psychedelic rock from the 70s. No, I did not just google this. I just happened to have it. No, not because of the name ;)

Random trivia:

The strawberry red Hi-Tec-C pen is the same color as the Revlon Electric Strawberry nail polish. In other words, bright, almost neon 80s pink! Not bright in a painful way, bright in an awesomely happy "my nails are making this room a better place" kind of way. Same goes for the pen, obviously. Yes, I know I mentioned this in the pen review yesterday. I needed to say it again. It’s out of my system now! *off to paint nails*


Gentian said...

I love strawberries! Where I grew up you can't get them though, so I didn't grow up eating them. But I always thought they were so pretty! Interesting about the colour of the nail polish and the pen.
Strawberries and vanilla yogurt is really good too.

Marte said...

Growing up without strawberries? Unthinkable! I was lucky enough to grow up in a place where we had a few farms that allowed us to pick our own strawberries. All organic, no pesticides. We'd eat at least one huge bowl each every day in summer. I really miss it!
We'd make our own jam too, to put on fresh waffles.