Mar 9, 2009

Sanity-saving device

My laptop was getting awfully warm just standing straight on the desk, and slowed down because of it. Before I lost my mind from having to wait 10 seconds every time I clicked something, or dented the keyboard from repeated headbashing, I came up with this temporary solution (until I can afford the real thing).

Behold, the cardboard cooling stand! You take one (sturdy!) cardboard box, cut holes in the sides, as much as you can without compromising the integrity of the box. Cut holes in the bottom too, trying to hit the spots where your laptop's cooling vents are located.

Place box upside down, position laptop on box. Instant win!
Of course it would be even better if the box wasn't so high, but I didn't feel like cutting any length off the sides - I didn't trust my luck with the exacto knife any longer. Besides, I can get the chair quite high anyway, and, well, it's temporary, like I said.

In the first picture, you can also spot my makeshift wrist rest, consisting of two armwarmers that are too itchy to wear.
The second picture shows the inside of the box. Both pictures were taken using the flash-patch (not trademarked, because real pirates don't care about such things) from yesterday's post!

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