Mar 22, 2009

Review: Hello Kitty Hi-Tec-C 0.3mm baby pink

I already did a review on the regular Hi-Tec-C 0.3mm pens a little while ago. Since then though, I’ve changed my mind about some things. Much thanks to a certain old geezer’s advice.

This particular pen, I received from JetPens to review. I find that the 0.3mm point works just fine, didn’t have any problem at all this time. It offers a pleasant writing experience, and is far from as scratchy as my first attempts with the Cutie Colors. The ink needed a little bit of convincing at first, but that’s common for many new pens. It has performed perfectly since then, at both slow and normal writing speeds.

At this point I have no real preference between the 0.3mm and 0.4mm (although some colors require the thicker lines for easier reading), the scratchiness seems to depend more on ink than tip-size, and nothing a bit of rubbing alcohol can’t solve. It’s either that, or the people at JetPens offer newer pens than the seller I’ve bought from before. Can’t really say anything about that without ordering more from JetPens (oh, the horror!)

Left: 0.3mm Hi-Tec-C / Right: 0.4mm Hi-Tec-C

I also recommend that you write on a smooth paper, with no loose fibres that may clog up the tip. Not only is it a nightmare to write on (fingernails on blackboard!), but your pen will completely stop working after a little while.

My “specimen” had a Charmmy Kitty charm on the cap, very cute! The clip it sits on, can, as most people know by now, be removed and placed on another pen of the same kind. Be careful though, it’s quite hard to pull the kitty off the cap. I was able to do it for the pictures, but won’t be tempting fate by doing it more than once (or twice, when the pen runs out, although you could just as well reuse the whole cap or buy a refill).

I found that I had to remove the cap from the pen first, then pull charm and cap firmly apart, with no wriggling and no funky angle, just straight apart.

Writing test in my brand spanking new PINK Moleskine Volant:

(The whole recipe can be found here)

The baby pink is a nice, vibrant pink. It’s the palest one of the pinks offered, but still very legible.

The only downside to this set in my opinion, (because you have to buy all 9, can’t be bought separately), is the price. $30 is too much for me to spend on pens in one go, which is sad, because they’re all so cute!

Long story short: If you like Hello Kitty, thin pens and have the money to spend, go for it. They will brighten up both your notes and desk!


Gentian said...

Nice review!I really like the cute caps! I wish they were sold individually as well. They make a nice gift set though. :)

Marte said...

They do, yes. Too bad it's limited edition, or I'd ask for it for giftmas. No more gift-receiving occasions earlier than that :p

ViVy said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!
I love Kitty♥
you have nice writing!

Marte said...

Thank you :) I've always hated my handwriting, nice to know that someone likes it ;)

(I mostly understand your English, but not always - if in doubt, feel free to comment in Spanish, I can usually figure out what it means)

ViVy said...

debo retomar mis clases de ingles y dejar de usar google traslator, que verguenza!!!
gracias marte por entenderme =)

deberias ver mi cursiva....te darias cuenta de que la tuya es hermosa =P

Marte said...

This is my slow, "I must write pretty" writing. You should see my quick notes - I can't even read them myself sometimes! :p

Anonymous said...

Just to add to the other comments - that is the neatest handwriting I've seen in a long while - I am truly humbled!

Anonymous said...

I love the kitty paperweight! :D