Mar 3, 2009

Recent aquisitions

I usually don't post a bunch of pictures like this,
but sometimes, they beg to be shared.

Just look: An adorable pencil case.

It can even stand on its own!

A cute multipen and a couple of notebooks from Korea
(all bought from inby, I hope she'll add more to her store soon!)

Dalki is a popular Korean character with hair that looks like a strawberry.

Two tiny memopads (where every sheet of paper has a different design),

and three nice notebooks in a little case, also from Korea.
(Bought from Trinity's Trinkets)

I had to get one of these when I saw it. Blame nostalgia,
I used to have one almost exactly like it when I was a kid.
(From KawaiiCorner)

Last, but definitely not least, my favoritest letter set ever.
I lovelovelove the strawberries on this one,
and am not sure if I can ever stand to part with
any of it to actually write letters.
(From 3point5dollars on Etsy)

Especially not the stickers! This will most likely remain eyecandy.
Unless I need to send a letter to someone very special, that is.

Yotsuba approves!
She came running in at the last minute to help me with the pictures.
Thank you, Yotsuba!

As usual I'm not affiliated with any of these stores, blablabla, happy customer, blablabla.
At least now you don't have to ask me where I got all this stuff :D


Nosferatuia said...

Great pictures! I love your Kawaii collection.

Marte said...

Thank you :)

I'm ashamed to admit that this isn't even all of it... I collect bento boxes too, because they're so damn pretty!

Gentian said...

What great stuff! I love the pencil case!! So adorable with the bunny!

Marte said...

It's hard not to be cheerful with so much cute around :D