Mar 6, 2009

A pile of bracelets!

I did a trade with someone on Ravelry, embroideryfloss for crocheted bracelets. The colors are all picked by the recipient, and I just improvised the designs.

The finishing was the worst part, as always. It never takes all that long, but I dread it nonetheless. It's one of those things I can't stand doing, like folding laundry or changing the bed. Luckily all that is forgotten once I see the end result!

Sorry about the photo quality, the light is far from ideal right now.

This one reminds me of a bra.... hopefully it won't be so obvious when worn :p

Done mostly in slip stitch, so it curls a little bit unless you iron the crap out of it.

Bubblegum pink!

Most of them have a long cord on one side, which is threaded through a hole on the other side, and then attached to a bead so it doesn't slip back out. Then you just make a loop on the cord, knot it around itself and voila! The idea is that it'll be easier to tie them on with only one hand.

Like this, a bracelet I made a while ago for my etsy-shop. See how it works? Then you push the bead back, tie a new knot, and the bead will keep the cord from slipping back through the loop. The cord is extra long in the picture because I didn't know the wrist size of whoever would buy it.


Eumi said...

SO CUTE! :D So.. if you ever need more embroidery floss, I'm your gal ^_~

Marte said...

I do cross stitch too, there's never enough embroidery floss ;)