Mar 20, 2009

More random mail :)

This came from Susan on Ravelry. She read about how I wanted a reusable coffee filter, and decided to send me one! I promised to send her a pocket-sized hockey player in return… now where to find that!


I couldn’t believe all the neat stuff when I opened the package!


A card from New Zealand, wonderfully soft, purple mohair yarn, chocolate(!), Vegemite (I wanted to try it to see how it compares to Marmite), a mix CD with NZ music, a bunch of tiny, cute purple envelopes, gel pens in my favourite colors, neat soap, bamboo knitting needles, and last, but definitely not least, the coffee filter! I felt like it was my birthday all over again!


Gentian said...

Oh wow what awesome stuff! How cool of her to send you such a nice surprise.

Marte said...

I know, I'm constantly reminded of how nice people can be! :D

Knit Witch said...

Cool! Are you sure it isn't vitavitavegamin?? :)

Marte said...

I had to google it to figure out what you meant... :p

Do NOT google vitavitavegamin on the image search. Really. You don't want to see what I saw.