Mar 30, 2009

Inspiration strikes!

I love it when a burst of inspiration floats by. This time, the idea that I’ll work on first is a new tawashi. I have other projects in mind as well, but they require more time and materials – I have one, but not the other, guess which! At least my new notebook is making itself useful, being filled with idea after idea.


While I’m working out the details, taking loads of pictures and writing up a pattern, I’ll leave you with this: -->

Another cuff, double, knit with sock yarn. Actually the yarn had sections of black and white very short repeats too, but I cut those out since I only wanted the pink and green. Ran out of yarn, so the bind-off is a little bit tight. But it still fits, and I still love it, which is what counts.


Nosferatuia said...

I really like this. I need something like that to hide the bottom of my tattoo when I am in the office and my sleeve slides up :).

Marte said...

That is also a good use for it! I have loads of them because my wrists hurt when they get cold - and I usually wear tops with short sleeves.

Gentian said...

It's pretty I like the colour combination you used. :)