Mar 28, 2009

Finally done!

The bathmat of dooooom is finished! Yay! 437923749364937938 meters of i-cord, then hours spent slip-stitching all of it together, today I saw the end of it!

All made on my very homemade i-cord maker. Which still holds up fine, btw.

Here it is, after being ironed into submission to lie completely flat:

Yes, that’s my entire stash of cheap cotton. I didn’t care about matching colors or keeping it balanced, figured all that i-cord would be hard enough on my sanity already. And weaving in ends.

I might make another one. If I get a 6-year old who loves making i-cord, that is.

Wonder how large it is? I’d say it’s bathmat sized. Regular, standard bathmat size.


Nosferatuia said...

Very cool...I likes it!

alajnabiya said...

That is very cute, and practical too. I love the cheerful colors. I stopped by your blog after seeing your RAK wish list on Ravelry. You are very easy to please! Happy April!

Nicole said...

that's awesome! i just moved out of my parents house and i need a giant rug for the living room (hardwood floors+my landlord lives right below=need for a sound buffer of some sort)
think i'd be crazy for trying to make a 4x6 foot rug out of i cord? haha

Marte said...

Nicole, you'd be certifiable! Absolutely batshit insane!

But hey, if you have the patience, go for it! Just know that it takes a LOT of yarn :p