Mar 27, 2009

Cute pencil case (and a couple of pens)

Received my order from peapod studio yesterday – and love it, of course! Very well made, and the seller was super friendly. So friendly that I’ll be going back there and ask for some custom made stuff I’m too lazy to sew myself later.



Got a couple of uni-ball signo bits 0.18mm as well, from jstationery. One violet, one purple. Not a shock if you know me at all ;) I like them both, but one seems to write better than the other. Maybe some more “breaking in” is required. Anyway, not at all as scratchy as I worried they might be. I think I’m getting addicted to thin pens…



Cedric proudly modelling the mohair scarf he helped me knit! (He came up with the pattern and helped keep the kitties away).

The scarf looks a lot better in real life, because, you know, you can actually see the pattern. I didn’t bother blocking it, mohair is so fuzzy anyway, I don’t see the point. The pattern is k1, *yo, k2tog* to one stitch is left, then knit that last stitch. Repeat until you can do it in your sleep with one hand tied on your back while solving complicated math problems… by then, you’ll be about halfway.

Finished with a row of single crochet on each end – but that’s not really necessary.


Gentian said...

What a cute pencil case! I love the Signo bits! They are amazing pens. I want to get the other colours! I should stay away from gel pens for a while though. I probably have too many.

Your scarf came out great. Cedric is a good model.

Marte said...

Too... many...? Does not compute ;)

Nosferatuia said...

Very nice, I really like the Signo Bit pens. The case is uber-cute too! That Cedric is one good looking frog :D.

Maiysha said...

Thank you so much for linking my shop!! ;)


Marte said...

You're welcome, Maiysha :)