Mar 8, 2009

Crocheted flash diffuser

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Let me explain:

A while ago, I read about how to make a simple flash diffuser for an SLR. Those cams, now they have huge, enormous detachable flash thingies, and, well, my small, unfancy Canon doesn't have that. Until now, I've solved that by simply taping some tissue paper over the flash, but it got tiresome to have to replace it all the time, and I didn't have clear tape anyway... turns out, strawberry deco tape tints the picture far too much - who would have guessed! ;)

Sooo, today I got the bright idea to crochet a small removable patch - it's doubled, since crochet has holes in it naturally, and one layer would have let too much light through. I used a 2mm hook and embroidery floss for this.
Please excuse the terrible picture, the "cam-patch" was busy modelling, as you can see.

Flash-patch for cam (yarrr)

Cam with patch on (crappy webcam pic, but as you can probably figure out on your own, taking pictures of your cam is very hard without a mirror, and I didn't feel like appearing in the picture, and, ok, all excuses. The webcam was handy, and I didn't have to get up!)
The patch does slightly cover the viewfinder, but since I always use the display anyway, that doesn't matter. As long as it doesn't cover the little light next to it - which the cam uses to determine where to focus. My cam is painfully slow and unpredictable when that light is disabled.

Looking at it now, I could have crocheted it to fit over the corner, to keep it from sliding. But when in use, the patch stays in place anyway, despite the photo suggesting otherwise.
This was just a quick idea I had and worked up without really thinking much. If I make another one, I might actually plan ahead!

A couple of pictures taken with the diffuser on. With flash, up close. Completely un-retouched. As you can see, there is a slight yellow tint, but nothing that can't be fixed with a little editing. It sure beats the flash-glare that would be there otherwise.


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Marte said...

No Brad, Rei has BLUE hair. Pfft.

Gentian said...

That's a great idea! Very cool.

Marte said...

Thanks :) Will save me some tape, at least!