Mar 21, 2009

Busy day!

All self-inflicted, mind you. At 11:15pm, I suddenly realized I had only eaten some yogurt today. Time to eat again, perhaps? I got so busy doing laundry, cleaning floors, running all over the place trying to make this place look nice, that I completely forgot about food. And writing that pen review. Oh well, the review can wait until tomorrow.

Once I’m done with all the necessary stuff, I’ll spend the rest of the night knitting. I love having such nice yarn to work with!

Contents of knitting bag:

- 1 purple mohair scarf, about 1/3 done

- 1 green alpaca/silk hat, barely started

- 1 pair of rust-red socks in Elann Sock-it-to-me, which is not my most favorite yarn ever, but it works.

That’s it, you’re currently seeing my entire stash in the process of being used ;)

I don’t get more than I need at any time, no space to store it anyway.

Oh, and of course there’s the never-ending bathmat of doom that is actually almost done, but it’s too large to fit in the bag.


Gentian said...

I love your bag, it's so cute. I hope you had a good night of knitting.

Marte said...

I did :)

ViVy said...

pass by here to say hello.
I'm a bit lazy lately to needles, but when you come back to beat cold around here, in the meantime we will continue with the summer in the autumn ...=P
ey! cute bag! =)

(do you understand my English? largely thanks to the translator)