Mar 10, 2009


Yummy food

This has been our breakfast for the last few days. It's delicious!
- Bacon
- 1 egg, sunny side up
- fried tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms (fried without any oils or fat, because it's just more delicious that way)
- two slices whole grain bread, toasted
- 1 huge glass orange juice


ViVy said...

so that different customs! on this side of the globe with the breakfast I go to hospital insurance with the liver in the hand ...= P

Marte said...

It's not something we eat every day, just the last 3 days or so because hubby has had some time off work.

Usually I have yogurt with strawberries and some cereal, which is also yummy!

Bradkey T Ruffin said...

How do you fry them?

Marte said... a frying pan? The vegetables don't have time to stick, so it's not a problem.