Feb 16, 2009

Neat recycled glasses

Ever since I saw the super pretty frosted blue sake bottles they sell at the local SAQ, (that's liquor store in Quebec-speak) I've wanted to use them for something. I always feel bad about throwing out nice bottles, because it really is a shame when they could be reused.
Turns out I'm not the only one with this idea - now there's a shock :p

YAVAglass (both on Etsy and Artfire) makes really nice glasses from used bottles of root beer, cream soda, wine, beer, you name it.
I especially like the two sets pictured, and now I might just buy some from him instead of risking my own fingers - you don't want me near an open flame and potentially broken glass, take my word for it. (Although I will save those sake bottles, just in case)


Bj�rnsdatter said...

So THAT'S why you wanted to cut glass... I thought you were trying to escape or something ;)

Marte said...

No escaping, just creative urges out of control :p

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

oooh love that they are recycled!

Marte said...

That is the best part, yes :)