Feb 10, 2009

My desktop

I usually don't show off my desktop, but this time I'm so satisfied with the completeness of it all, I just wanted to share.

First, desktop. Notice the icons too? They're part of a set made by ph03nyX on DeviantArt, and are my all time favorite icons so far! The wallpaper is made by smashmethod, also on DeviantArt. Do I really have to say how much I love this as well?

To be completely fair, I first saw this on Flickr, where someone had combined both the wallpaper and the icons. I fell in love instantly, and went hunting the great wide Interwebs to have it myself.

Of course, then I remembered seeing Mario themes for Firefox at some point. After more hunting, this is the one I settled on.
There are a few Mario themes out there, but Mushroom Kingdom is by far the best one. Also, it's compatible with Firefox 3 (yay). The attention to detail in this theme is amazing. It even has a little bomb instead of the X to close a tab, and when you click it, it explodes :D

I'm sorry you can't see the full-size screencaps, Fotki won't let me hotlink anything larger than 800x800. Anyway, you get the idea.


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Marte said...

I know :D

Crystal Rose said...

Wow, that is soooo cute! I love video games, and my brother and I used to play the old maroio games. I remember that area!