Feb 18, 2009

Finally, the unicorn!

I'll admit that I really didn't want to show this, but since I've talked about it so much lately, here it is anyway.
Things I'm not happy with:

- some of the tracing lines show through the thread, and I had no way of erasing it
- the aida cloth wasn't suited to all the different stitches I used
- the sky looks messy
- the colors in the water look a bit weird
- the edges of the backing aren't completely straight

I had to hurry to finish it, and didn't have a frame that fit. The felt I used in the back ended up being slightly uneven, but it's not all that bad. I'm just really bad at cutting things straight. Give me curves any day!
I tried using stitches with different textures for the fun of it. No idea what some of the stitches are called, I just played around until something worked.

The image is based on a picture of a 70s unicorn suncatcher I came across on flickr (or etsy, it could have been etsy) Unfortunately I don't have the url anymore.

There you have it. A unicorn with all its flaws and charms. Jeff told me it's kitschy in a good way, I suppose that's a compliment? The recipient liked it, which is what counts! She was happy to get an addition to her collection of unicorns in all shapes and sizes.


Bradkey T Ruffin said...

Regardless of all else:
It's a fucking unicorn.

Hell yeah.

Marte said...

I like your perspective!