Feb 28, 2009

Works in progress (will they ever be done?)

SocksThat is the big question, isn't it. I started these socks (in Elann Sock It To Me) sometime in fall, it was either October or November. Far too long ago, anyway. They're for Jeff, and I feel awful about not having finished them yet. To my defense, I do struggle a lot with painful wrists, so I have barely knitted at all since summer. Hopefully that will be taken care of soon, and then I can finish these. I'm not too big on this whole sock thing though, at least not in fingering weight yarn. A crapload of stitches on tiny needles = me getting bored.

Mitts for me, in Patons Bamboo Silk, which is super soft. A totally unexpected find in the local craft store which uMittssually only sells cheap acrylic and cotton. Of course I had to buy it....
I don't have a lot left on these. Knitting both at the same time, with magic loop. They're driving me slightly nuts, mostly because I forgot to warm up and un-kink the cable before starting, argh. Fortunately I love the way they look, and can't wait to wear them!

When it comes to knitting in the round, I much prefer hats. So relaxing and uncomplicated, what's not to love? If I have to deal with magic loop, I'd rather make tiny, tiny socks that are done in less than half an hour. Somewhere along the way, my knitting patience went missing. I need it back, please.
The mitts will be nice, though! They're really soft too. Mmmmsilk!

Do you often make things you don't post about?
I don't bother writing about everything I make, because a lot of the time it's just purely utilitarian and not all that exciting. I have a lot of tawashi, hats, armwarmers, slippers, you name it, that never see the blog (or a camera). A few months ago I made a small round felted blanket for the cats to sleep on (naalebinding), and they love it. Of course by the time it occurred to me to photograph it, they had covered it in hair. Oh well, at least the cats are happy!

You know, I think I'll start taking pictures of it all. I can always just upload it to Flickr, without committing to a whole blog post about it. It'd be fun to have an archive of absolutely everything!

Feb 27, 2009

Review: Uni-ball Signo 207

In addition to what's written on the piece of paper (can you read it, btw?) I just wanted to mention that the green pen felt unstable to write with, the tip moved around a bit. The other pens were fine though, so I guess it was just bad luck.

The purple and orange pens seemed to have thicker inks than the pink and blue ones. The green is somewhere in between. Needless to say, I much preferred to write with the purple and orange pens. They're smoother, as I said before, and more friendly to fast writing. I also like the colors better. The pink is just too fluorescent for my taste, and the blue is dull (it actually looks brighter in the picture than it really is). The green has a slight bluish tone to it, so it's almost a dark ocean green.
The line is just as expected from a 0.7mm pen, quite thick.
In the end, however, I still prefer the Zebra Sarasa Clips; I like the way they feel/write better, plus they have nicer colors which all go well together and all perform the same.

Psst: If you're interested, you can buy them from wubear626 on ebay. I'm not affiliated in any way whatsoever, nor do I get anything to mention the store here. I'm just a satisfied customer. If you don't mind that the shipping takes 2+ weeks, I highly recommend this store. I've bought from them several times, and it's always been a good experience :)

Feb 23, 2009


This is the second yarn I've ever spun. I haven't tried spinning at all since that first time over 4 years ago though, so in a way it's the second first time.

Looks a bit twisty, no? Seems like I have a tendency to overtwist. In my attempts to make it as thin as possible, I ended up with some thick and thin spots as well, but I suppose that's what practice is for.

I think, at this point, it would really help me if I could see someone spin in person, so I could figure out exactly how it's supposed to be done. And a nicer drop spindle would definitely be useful. But the yarn came out soft and lovely, and the twisting doesn't really bother me. I think I'll use it to knit wristwarmers, should be nice and warm!

The fiber is super soft merino that mamayaga on ravelry was nice enough to send me (THANK YOU again!)

Feb 18, 2009

Finally, the unicorn!

I'll admit that I really didn't want to show this, but since I've talked about it so much lately, here it is anyway.
Things I'm not happy with:

- some of the tracing lines show through the thread, and I had no way of erasing it
- the aida cloth wasn't suited to all the different stitches I used
- the sky looks messy
- the colors in the water look a bit weird
- the edges of the backing aren't completely straight

I had to hurry to finish it, and didn't have a frame that fit. The felt I used in the back ended up being slightly uneven, but it's not all that bad. I'm just really bad at cutting things straight. Give me curves any day!
I tried using stitches with different textures for the fun of it. No idea what some of the stitches are called, I just played around until something worked.

The image is based on a picture of a 70s unicorn suncatcher I came across on flickr (or etsy, it could have been etsy) Unfortunately I don't have the url anymore.

There you have it. A unicorn with all its flaws and charms. Jeff told me it's kitschy in a good way, I suppose that's a compliment? The recipient liked it, which is what counts! She was happy to get an addition to her collection of unicorns in all shapes and sizes.

Feb 16, 2009

Neat recycled glasses

Ever since I saw the super pretty frosted blue sake bottles they sell at the local SAQ, (that's liquor store in Quebec-speak) I've wanted to use them for something. I always feel bad about throwing out nice bottles, because it really is a shame when they could be reused.
Turns out I'm not the only one with this idea - now there's a shock :p

YAVAglass (both on Etsy and Artfire) makes really nice glasses from used bottles of root beer, cream soda, wine, beer, you name it.
I especially like the two sets pictured, and now I might just buy some from him instead of risking my own fingers - you don't want me near an open flame and potentially broken glass, take my word for it. (Although I will save those sake bottles, just in case)

Feb 10, 2009

My desktop

I usually don't show off my desktop, but this time I'm so satisfied with the completeness of it all, I just wanted to share.

First, desktop. Notice the icons too? They're part of a set made by ph03nyX on DeviantArt, and are my all time favorite icons so far! The wallpaper is made by smashmethod, also on DeviantArt. Do I really have to say how much I love this as well?

To be completely fair, I first saw this on Flickr, where someone had combined both the wallpaper and the icons. I fell in love instantly, and went hunting the great wide Interwebs to have it myself.

Of course, then I remembered seeing Mario themes for Firefox at some point. After more hunting, this is the one I settled on.
There are a few Mario themes out there, but Mushroom Kingdom is by far the best one. Also, it's compatible with Firefox 3 (yay). The attention to detail in this theme is amazing. It even has a little bomb instead of the X to close a tab, and when you click it, it explodes :D

I'm sorry you can't see the full-size screencaps, Fotki won't let me hotlink anything larger than 800x800. Anyway, you get the idea.

Feb 9, 2009

Finished! (well, almost)

I finally finished the unicorn embroidery! That sure took long enough, mostly because I didn't feel like doing much.

Now it only has to be ironed and framed, and then my MIL will get yet another unicorn thingie for her collection.

I'll probably post pictures when it's all framed and stuff, although I'm not THAT impressed with my work this time. The back is very messy, and the fabric I used wasn't suited to the type of embroidery, etc. But I know Francine will love it anyway :)

I don't know what to do next. No idea, actually. I'll make a couple of cute tawashi from my new "Enjoy fairytales" book and try to think of something fun to cross stitch.
Still haven't found a use for my other small needle+thread projects. I want them to go on a purse, but am painfully slow at actually figuring out how and where.

Lately most of my time has been spent playing with my pens, looking for more pretty pens, ordering a few of said pens, and adding a whole bunch of stuff to my wists because there are so many cute things out there.

Oh, and I've kept the kitchen free of dishes. This is quite a feat, let me tell you. I hate doing dishes like nothing else. I've even cooked real, nice dinners almost every day AND done some baking. Which made for even more dishes. Yeah.

Today's big adventure will be a trip to the post office, and later I'll have to do some homework.