Jan 22, 2009

Oh no, they didn't!

The cats (don't know which one, but they always gang up on us so I'm sure they're all in on it) just pushed over a bottle of precious rum as a part of their blackmail scheme to be fed at least once every hour.

They have gone too far! Mess with my rum again, and you'll be eating toast for a week, monsters! (not really, but don't tell them that)

I still haven't finished the cross stitch unicorn. My needles all wore out - I think my body chemistry and gold plating don't agree, because they sure didn't last long.

I DID crochet myself a new scarf, though. Turns out I can crochet a bit without pissing off my wrist again, yay! This means I can make some tawashi as well, which is great, because I'm trying to get my hands on the "Enjoy Fairytales" tawashi book, so it will be nice to actually be able to make some of the patterns!
Anyway, the scarf is black, so I probably won't be posting a picture of it, you won't be able to see a thing unless I actually go out during the day (not likely). It's sort of grannysquare-ish, and twice as long as I'm tall.

Jeff (you know, hubby - did I ever mention his name? Oh well) got me a lovely soft, purple bathrobe for my birthday. I've pretty much refused to remove it ever since, it's that nice and warm. Our heater doesn't work all that well, so warm is good. Very good! I also have warm wool slippers that my father got me for christmas, so even my feet are warm! I love being warm. Warm, warm, warm!

Oh, and did I mention warm? *goes to curl up on the couch, with a cat or two, because it's impossible to stay angry at them for long*

Edit: Hey, I completely forgot to mention that I changed the look of the blog! It's still the same template (why change it when it works), but with different colors and a new banner! Bright, happy colors to brighten up the grey winter months! Also, no more ads! Not that they generated a lot of income, and Project Wonderful is nice, I just got tired of them taking up so much space. Besides, I'd rather link to people I know and things that I find neat.

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