Jan 8, 2009

MacGyver would have been proud!

Yesterday I wanted to make some icord for a random project I had in mind - one that doesn't involve actual knitting. But I hate the cheap icord maker I bought at the craft store, the pegs are small, and it's hard to grab the yarn. So I made this one, from the memory of a very cute wooden mushroom I had as a child ( I WANT IT BACK).

Ingredients: 4 coated paperclips, one very sturdy cardboard roll (I got this from the inside of a cone of thread), and lots and lots of packing tape - and because I had some with strawberries on, that's exactly what I used!

It works perfectly, as you can see :)

P.S: I'm making a really, really long cotton icord that will be rolled into a circle and seamed up, to be used as a bathmat. No more cold toesies out of the shower for me!


60-60 said...

This is amazing that you have created! Very Clever!

Marte said...

Thank you :) I love to make do with what I have, it makes the creativity flow!