Jan 27, 2009

My pens: Let me show you them!

I've been obsessed with in love with stationery and writing tools for as long as I can remember. The first day of school, I was the only one who showed up with TWO pencil cases - one for markers (won it in a contest, it was the best, prettiest pencil case ever - in 1987), the other one for pencils and erasers.
Every year, I loved the first week of school because then I got to buy new pens, pencils and notebooks.
Now I don't go to school anymore, and I don't really, actually need pens much, (anyone want a pen pal?), but I covet pretty pens all the same.

These are my pens so far (and I use every single one of them):

Staedtler triplus fineliner:
My first set. Smooth and comfortable, but I'm always afraid of destroying the tip somehow, since it has a fiber tip, and not a metal ball like the gel pens do. Hasn't happened so far though, I think I'm worrying for no reason. They're supposed to be dry safe, even if you forget to put the cap on. I can't speak for this, since I happen to take good care of my precious pens!
The case they come in is really neat; the top folds back to make a stand for the pens, which makes them easily accessible. Love the colors!

Zebra Sarasa Clip:
These are great to write with, all smooth and even. The colors are nice too, the only sad thing is that they don't have more different colors (especially purple!) The tip on these is 0.7 mm, so they leave a nice, bold line. Oh, and as the name suggests, these have a clip on top, perfect for attaching the pen to thicker stuff (or in my case, play endlessly with).

Pilot Hi-Tec-C:

I bought the Cutie Colors set to try them out, and they're so lovely that now I want all 36 colors (well, almost all. I have no need for black, grey, browns and olive green :p)
I mean, who can resist colors with names like strawberry red, apricot orange, soda blue, cherry pink? I sure can't! There's even a Hello Kitty limited edition of these, I guess I don't need to say how awesome that is? *tries to grab pens through screen*... nope, didn't work :p
The 0.3 mm pens are a bit hard to write with (in fact it took me a few tries to get any ink out at all when I first got them), so if I ever get to buy the whole set, I'll make sure to get 0.4 mm instead, to avoid carving up the paper too much.

Jan 22, 2009

Oh no, they didn't!

The cats (don't know which one, but they always gang up on us so I'm sure they're all in on it) just pushed over a bottle of precious rum as a part of their blackmail scheme to be fed at least once every hour.

They have gone too far! Mess with my rum again, and you'll be eating toast for a week, monsters! (not really, but don't tell them that)

I still haven't finished the cross stitch unicorn. My needles all wore out - I think my body chemistry and gold plating don't agree, because they sure didn't last long.

I DID crochet myself a new scarf, though. Turns out I can crochet a bit without pissing off my wrist again, yay! This means I can make some tawashi as well, which is great, because I'm trying to get my hands on the "Enjoy Fairytales" tawashi book, so it will be nice to actually be able to make some of the patterns!
Anyway, the scarf is black, so I probably won't be posting a picture of it, you won't be able to see a thing unless I actually go out during the day (not likely). It's sort of grannysquare-ish, and twice as long as I'm tall.

Jeff (you know, hubby - did I ever mention his name? Oh well) got me a lovely soft, purple bathrobe for my birthday. I've pretty much refused to remove it ever since, it's that nice and warm. Our heater doesn't work all that well, so warm is good. Very good! I also have warm wool slippers that my father got me for christmas, so even my feet are warm! I love being warm. Warm, warm, warm!

Oh, and did I mention warm? *goes to curl up on the couch, with a cat or two, because it's impossible to stay angry at them for long*

Edit: Hey, I completely forgot to mention that I changed the look of the blog! It's still the same template (why change it when it works), but with different colors and a new banner! Bright, happy colors to brighten up the grey winter months! Also, no more ads! Not that they generated a lot of income, and Project Wonderful is nice, I just got tired of them taking up so much space. Besides, I'd rather link to people I know and things that I find neat.

Jan 21, 2009

Good news!

I decided to offer my strawberry tawashi pattern for free from now on. It hasn't been available in my etsy-store for quite some time anyway, since I felt it was less beginner-friendly than my other patterns. Now you can try it for free and judge for yourselves :)

Jan 15, 2009

Cute shoes! Very not craft-related.

Aren't these shoes the cutest ever? I've been wanting them for years, but never been able to justify the cost. I mean, they even have a tiny kitty tail in the back - the 5-year old in me wants to throw a tantrum until they're on my feet, so I guess it's a good thing I'm not 5 anymore :p

Oh, and to make it a little bit more related to this blog's actual content: I'm working on some embroidery now, it's a picture of a unicorn for my MIL - who has a room full of unicorns but still wants more. I can relate, I'm like that with everything cute, it's almost scary.

Jan 8, 2009

MacGyver would have been proud!

Yesterday I wanted to make some icord for a random project I had in mind - one that doesn't involve actual knitting. But I hate the cheap icord maker I bought at the craft store, the pegs are small, and it's hard to grab the yarn. So I made this one, from the memory of a very cute wooden mushroom I had as a child ( I WANT IT BACK).

Ingredients: 4 coated paperclips, one very sturdy cardboard roll (I got this from the inside of a cone of thread), and lots and lots of packing tape - and because I had some with strawberries on, that's exactly what I used!

It works perfectly, as you can see :)

P.S: I'm making a really, really long cotton icord that will be rolled into a circle and seamed up, to be used as a bathmat. No more cold toesies out of the shower for me!

Jan 6, 2009

More cross stitch!

The holidays were actually almost busy here at Chez Arpie. We had visitors we don't see very often, and thus I did not have much time for crafts.
Add to that me falling on the ice, and thus skinning my knees and hands like a 5-year old, and not a lot of crafts were done.

I did, however, finish these two things. The first is a slime from the very first Dragon Warrior game - I have a never-ending love affair with cute slimes. Actually, hubby got me Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime for Christmas, so now I can look at slimes as much as I want :D

The second one I finished yesterday. It's Jiji, from Kiki's Delivery Service, which is one of my favorite Ghibli movies. Isn't he cute?
I have a huge folder full of images I want on fabric, and it keeps on growing. Eventually I'll expand to make more useful things than little patches, but for now, the small projects keep me satisfied :)