Dec 25, 2009

She’s here!


Amélie-Vanille: Born the 22nd of December at 3:45am. She’s a big, strong girl at 3.7kg, and she’s 50cm tall (do you even say tall about babies? It’s not like she can stand up).

I haven’t slept more than 2 hours at a time since the 21st, and I barely have time to eat these days, so the blog will be quiet for a while. We need some time to adjust to being a family, and I’m looking forward to every second of it.

Dec 12, 2009

Pretty shiny purple cover :D

Got this for my phone because 1: I didn’t want to scratch it, 2: the fingerprints on the glossy back were driving me crazy and 3: PURPLE! (Who am I kidding, we all know reason 3 is the most important one).


phonefront phoneback


In other news, the baby is kicking like crazy and I can see my belly move from side to side. You know, behbeh, if it’s so cramped in there you can come out. I promise there’s a lot more space outside!

Dec 10, 2009

What happens when the inlaws buy baby stuff

…I think we’re not the only ones excited about this baby!


Huge pile of pyjamas, bibs, towels, blankets, socks, crib sheets, wash cloths… you get the idea:



A warm bag for the car seat:



Cute little piggies along with blankets and booties:



Yup, I think we’re set for a while. We also bought a huge amount of various gently used baby clothes from someone, so she certainly will be a well-dressed little girl. Now please don’t play a trick on us and be a boy instead… :p

Dec 9, 2009

Nope, no baby yet

…I’ve just been lazy with the posting. Or busy finishing things, however you choose to look at it :p I FINALLY finished the baby blanket I started in May. Note to self: Never, ever knit a blanket in lace yarn, even if it is held double. This was supposed to be the Tweed baby blanket by Jared Flood, but then I ended up making the middle square larger than in the pattern, and my brain just did not want to compute the extra math it would have taken to make the neat edging fit. So I cheated and crocheted a nice shell edging instead. A lot faster, and it saved both sanity and yarn.

The yarn is Baby lace merino from Elann, in purple, of course. The close-up is most accurate colour-wise.




A cute little baby scarf, pattern is available here. I didn’t quite follow it, since I used thinner yarn, but the shaping is the same, only the amount of plain garter between the rib-sections is different. KnitPicks Shadow (because it was on sale!), held double.



Thinking of making a nursing shawl next. Actually I’ve already started, but I’m not sure I like the pattern – as in, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to finish a ginormous half-granny square shawl in lace weight yarn…

Dec 4, 2009

New toy!

Just a small post to test my new iPhone (which is awesome!)


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Dec 1, 2009


hatfront hatside

A pretty Gnomey hat :)

Added a single-crochet edging all around to make it look more finished. I’m still not sure I like how that looks in the front, might undo it and try something else there. Or what do you think?

Aside from that, I lovelovelove the hat :)


Fixed my little issue by replacing the sc in the front with slip stitch - it merges better with the garter stitch :)

Nov 30, 2009

The week of cheap patterns

knot leaf bellflowersunflower 


This is the time to get some knit tawashi patterns at a huge discount – this bundle of 4 patterns is available in my etsy-store now for only $3. That’s half off the usual price!


Offer valid until Sunday 6th of December.

Nov 28, 2009

Tea for one set

Another Decole set. I can’t find it for sale anywhere, these images are from flickr. How adorably cute is this, though?

mug1  mug2



Adding a couple more, because they’re too cute for words.

If I could find the ladybug one for sale anywhere (and the bowls, and the cookie jar, and the chopstick rest), I’d be all over it! I did find it in Japan, but since I can’t read Japanese, that’s not terribly helpful.

てんとうtea for one てんとうキャニスター

And a strawberry set, because, well, I love strawberries. Sorry though, it’s out of stock. Seems to be a common theme with Decole.


Nov 27, 2009

Wohoo, I finished something!

cowlThe picture is crap, though. I was going to take nice pics today, but managed to sleep through so much of the day that by the time I woke up, it was too dark outside.


This picture is post-nap. Which is why I look like a sleepy wreck - well, that and pregnancy is taking its toll. I even forgot to brush my hair :p


Pattern: Malabrigo Neck Thingie (but with fingering weight yarn and more stitches)

Yarn: Some handpainted yarn I bought a while ago. Not crazy about it, it’s squeaky and not worth the $20 (I’m still sad about that, stupid special treat yarn). I still have half of it left, it’s been frogged a gazillion times and I’m not sure I’ll ever use the rest. Unless at some point I have nothing else, that is. Too busy fondling pretty purple  yarns to worry about that right now.

Mushroom mug

One of my top 5 favourite mugs! Available in brown and red (although not easy to find both colours anymore), and very, very cute :) Oh, and this is also by Decole.

Comes with a strainer, and obviously the lid. I wanted to get one for me and one for hubby, but never got around to it. It was a lot cheaper the first time I saw it o.O



Nov 26, 2009

Week of ze mugs – hand crafted, purplish, swirly…



I almost bought this once. I kind of wish I had, isn’t it lovely? The only thing that stopped me was that it wasn’t purple enough. Yeah, I know. What a silly reason.

Come here, little mug, fly away to me and I promise you’ll be happy with plenty of friends to hang out with ;)

Nov 25, 2009

A mug you might just want to eat…

From Decole, here’s a delicious-looking cake mug – with both lid and strainer, this is a winner if you drink lots of tea! (And it has strawberries… who doesn’t love strawberries!?)




Yes, I’m guilty of posting in the middle of the night/early in the morning again.

Nov 24, 2009

Mug week continues!

Since I post at such strange times (the last post was in the middle of the night), it might appear that I posted two mugs in one day.


I did not! Although there’s no guarantee that I won’t do just that anyway. You never know!


Beautiful Totoro mugs from If they weren’t so expensive, I would have already bought the set. They’re all frilly and cute, and perfect for a cup of green tea ^_^




Now please make this evil cold go away… *sniffle*



ETA: Oh no, looks like the cups sold out only a few hours after I posted about them!

There are a couple of other, similar ones available – not quite as cute (that would be nearly impossible), but still. If simpler, less frilly cups are more to your taste, you might even like these better :)

totoro_china_j79_small  totoro_china_j84_small

I hereby declare this “Pretty mug week”!

In an attempt to keep myself occupied and not go insane from the waiting (note to baby: getoutgetoutgetoutgetout), I shall spend this week looking for pretty mugs.


…actually I already have quite a lot in my bookmarks. It’s an obsession of mine. Still, I’ll look for more!


First out (ok, second, but yesterday doesn’t really count), are these animal themed mugs (the kitty is my favourite!) with matching spoons.



Nov 23, 2009

How sad is it…

that I still haven’t finished anything at all since my last post? I’ve started new projects, frogged old projects, frogged new projects… but finished anything? Nope. The closest I got was today, when I dug out the trusty old sewing machine to seam some raw edges on a bed sheet. At least that I managed to do. With black thread on a purple piece of fabric, because somehow, without me noticing, I ran out of thread. No white, no purple, just black. Yes, those are the only colours I got around to buying in the first place – should say a little something about my taste!


No pictures of knitting in this post, because I’ve packed the camera in my hospital bag. I guess I’ll have to get it back out before the 21st anyway, but right now it seems like too much work.


I’ll leave you with a link to a very pretty mug. If I didn’t already have two nice coffee mugs, I’d beg for this one for christmas. (It would be great for a humongous portion of hot chocolate, though… if you can handle the sugar rush! I guess tea could be acceptable as well.)


What’s first on your wishlist? Please don’t say world peace, I want eye candy here :p




P.S: TV is very, very boring at 3am. Just so you know.

Nov 16, 2009

The crib is in place!

…and what a nightmare it was to assemble! But we managed, at last, after having to take it partially apart a couple of times. It’s not the first piece of furniture we’ve assembled, but it was very close to becoming the last, ending its days in a bonfire with two very tired, very annoyed parents-to-be dancing around.


Instead it’s all ready, in the bedroom, waiting for a baby.


Won’t be long now:


I’ve never seen such a huge crib, but then we did go for the convertible solution, so it will become a toddler bed/day bed at some point. It’s one of those 4-in-1 things. It can also be turned into a twin bed with some additional hardware.

I can just imagine our daughter 16 years from now, begging for a new bed:

“But mooooom, I’ve had this bed since I was born!”

“Tough luck kiddo, after all the suffering your dad and I had to go through to assemble it, you’ll be sleeping in that bed until you’re 40, at the very least! When I was young I had to sleep on the floor! Now go do your homework.”


Aside from that, I’ve knitted some baby bibs. I figured they could be useful. A couple in cotton for general food mess (probably won’t need those for a while), and a small one in soft superwash wool to catch drool. Such a lovely concept :p I will probably make more of those, but for the rest I’m considering using my bluebell bib pattern instead, since, well, it’s really cute.

My sentences are crazy today.


simpleyellowbib simplebib kerchiefbib

Nov 13, 2009

Kimono sweater

kimonosweater1Finally finished the seamless kimono sweater I started working on ages ago (well, 10 days, but it feels like ages).


KnitPicks Shine Sport in Hollyberry and, uh, pink. I don’t remember the name of the second colourway.


I think it came out cute :) I skipped the eyelets and i-cord, because 1: i-cord = cat toy around here, 2: one less thing to lose and 3: having an i-cord dig into your back while in default baby position didn’t seem like such a pleasant experiencekimonosweater2.


I also increased 2 stitches in each side on every 6th row after the empire waist, to make it more like a dress (and to have more space for diapers). The sweater is about tunic length, I think. I just knitted until I ran out of yarn. If I’d had another skein, the sleeves would have been long – but I like the short sleeves as well.

Nov 9, 2009

A lot more knitting than finishing

I suffer from startitis. It’s a very serious condition, and leads to many a knitting project being sad and alone in my knitting bag. It also means that I never have the right needles, because they’re already in use somewhere else.


BUT these are impossible not to finish (Ok, so they’re crocheted, not knitted… but still). It’s basically the same pattern as the flower tawashi, just larger so I can use them as coasters. I used to hate coasters – before I discovered how quick they are to make, and way before we got nice tables that get ugly wet marks from glasses.


flowerstack flowers2


The colours are purely coincidental, I used what I had left from other projects. Need more purple flowers, but I haven’t found cheap purple cotton locally.

My favourite so far is the white one with pointy petals – I’ll be making more like that!



In other news, I’ve decided to lower the prices on all my patterns. Why? Because a few days ago I realized that downloadable patterns have become more and more expensive lately, so this is my little protest.

Now, I have nothing against complex patterns costing a bit, that seems fair to me. But when patterns for very simple, small things like booties, scarves, dishcloths etc. start costing as much as what a pattern for a pretty lace shawl used to cost, it gets annoying. I can buy a book for $10+ (on sale, but still), so why would I pay nearly as much for one single, basic pattern that I can easily make just from looking at the picture? I’m all for supporting designers, but it has to be worth it for me as a customer as well.

Nov 5, 2009

Theme Thursday – Because plain post its are boring

kittytabs russiandolls bunnytabs


murmuring  leaves  schoolbag


toaastandegg rainbowdogbone


westfalia  animals


bunny cheekykitties bear


cows mushrooms elephants



I don’t know about you, but with such cute sticky notes,

certainly you have to use an equally cute pen?

Good, we agree!

penpenguin penccomzi pengoat


pencrochetblue pencrochetbrown pencrochetpink


 penilovemilk  penicecream  penpig