Dec 16, 2008

First cross stitch project!

I will admit that this took longer than expected - but that doesn't matter, because the process was fun :) The panda is based on some super adorable pixel art from a Japanese website, and I found it because someone had posted a picture on flickr of another panda she had found there.
I decided to leave out all the shading, and changed the text to say "KITA" which means something like "awesome" in Japanese. If you ever watched "Densha Otoko" (the tv-series) you'll know why this phrase came to mind.
It's not really crooked, the red background was just a bit uneven.
What I'll use it for? A patch on my bag! I can't really think of that many uses for cross stitch, but I'm sure some will pop up eventually.

Dec 14, 2008

Best birthday gift ever?

Wouldn't this be the best gift ever for someone who just started playing around with embroidery and enjoys it a lot? (that'd be me, I hope husband is reading this :p) The box even has another layer, with even more stuff!

Dec 4, 2008


Since I can't knit or crochet these days, somehow the idea of cross stitching popped up in my mind. I've never done much of it before, but all the neat video game inspired stitchings everywhere made me want to try! I've ordered a few needles, pretty scissors (purple!) and some aida cloth, and will get embroidery thread tomorrow - I'm all excited about this :)
Hopefully it will allow my arms to get better too, it being a completely different movement and all. That, and I won't be tempted to knit all the time with something else to do. Yay!

Dec 2, 2008

In which the lazy superhero(ine) admits to being lazy and heroic (psst, need more chocolate, powers... failing...)

Here comes a long overdue post. If I was a superhero, my name would be THE PROCRASTINATOR! It has a certain ring to it, don't you think?

I haven't been able to stay off crafting completely. It's as addictive as any drug (be careful with those knifty knitters, they're the perfect gateway drug for the little ones), but at least I've tried to do other things than knit. In this case, I did some naalebinding again and made myself a cuff. Actually I made two, but this one is prettiest. I'd make hats, but never get around to buying enough wool yarn, so I end up using scraps all the time.

This, now THIS! Is made of win and awesome. My friend, Eumi (follow link to her etsy-store, she makes tasty-looking stuff) sent me this adorable CHIBI-ARPIE! Yes, that must be in all caps. Purple hair, rainbow necklace, even a knitted kitty hat! Not everyone gets to have a mini-me, so I feel very special. Ok, so I don't have green eyes, but in my imagination, I do! Because purple hair and green eyes go so well together.

A while ago I signed up for the flying tawashi swap over at Tawashi Town. It's a very fun swap, where a package with 6 (-ish, the number keeps on increasing, I think they're multiplying in there!) tawashi travel around the world. Each recipient takes out two favorites and add two new ones, along with a post card. The other day it was my turn to receive the package, and this is what I took:
Yes, I know I took three. The rules are bendable, simply replace the ones you take, and maybe don't take all. Don't worry, I added a nice little pile, must get them out of here somehow! Damn tribbles, only trouble with them ;)

Hover Cat says: Take care, and hover responsibly in your boxes!