Oct 15, 2008

Sneaky Snakes - pattern

Here's the pattern for my pink hat, as requested.

I just want to add that although it was inspired both by the Gemma beret and the Slouchy Lace Hat by Just_A_Girl over at Craftster, I still feel that this hat is different enough to justify posting the pattern :)


Mrs Parks said...

I love your blog!!!
I just had shoulder surgery so I will be reading instead of doing for a while, and I can tell I will get some great ideas here !

Marte said...

Thank you :)

I'm not doing much crafting myself these days, due to an annoying wrist injury that just won't leave me alone. Hope your shoulder will get better soon!

♡My ♥ Taube♡ said...

wow !!
that hat is so great !!!
I am going to do this ^-^

thank you dear

=^-^= kisses TAUBE

Marte said...

You're welcome :)

Post pictures when you do!

Coco said...

When you say to work a 1x1 rib, what knitting pattern do you use?

Marte said...

Sorry, I completely forgot to answer you :)

A 1x1 rib is simply knit 1, purl 1 all the way around.

Coco said...

Haha. It's alright. My mom looked at the picture and helped to figure it out. :-D Thanks and LOVE the pattern.