Oct 2, 2008

A little bit of everything

You know, this is kind of embarrassing... I started the socks for Jeff about... a month ago, I think? Then I promptly proceeded to work on all sorts of other projects, for no good reason, only random urges. So far I've finished a sweater (it's blocking now), made a gazillion of the small flowers I posted a pattern for, made some other small tiny washcloths for removing makeup (they're really cute, simple and colorful), crocheted a coaster (actually I made 3, but I only like one of them), and, let's see... yes, I also crocheted a couple of tiny, cute mushrooms that must go in a Halloween-decoration or something. Add to that a couple of tawashi that I haven't seamed yet, and you can see that I have been sort of busy, despite it appearing otherwise.

Now, I only have pictures of a couple of these projects. No excuse, aside from laziness and not wanting to put anyone through picture overload. Mostly laziness.

I also became a mod over at Tawashi Town (because I spend so much time there anyway, hah), so at least now I have an excuse to hang around.

Oh, and I started a blog in Norwegian.

Now I want to knit more washcloths, because my brain likes the utter lack of concentration needed - and the suspense when knitting with a variegated yarn: "Ooooh, how will these colors mix? What if I mix two different yarns? What if I add a couple more stitches? What if I make a really tiny washcloth with one solid and one variegated?" I can entertain myself for hours...

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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

On my way back from Rwanda, I was in the Brussels airport and picked up a magazine in Norwegian. I bought it for the beautiful photos, esp these poufs crocheted all in lavender. So beautiful