Oct 25, 2008

Nearly invisible join of the last round - crochet

If you're like me, that last slip stitch join when you crochet something in the round drives you nuts. I don't want to see where the round begins, especially if it destroys the symmetry of an object.

This is how I do it. Note: For this to work, the rest of your project has to be crocheted with joined rounds. You can do it without joining rounds too, but it sort of defeats the purpose, since then it won't be symmetrical no matter what you do.

Ok, here we go:
Instead of joining the last round with a slip stitch, do as follows: After working the last stitch, cut the yarn. That large loop you see in the image is the last loop on your hook, the one you pull on.
Pull the yarn loop all the way through the stitch.

Find your trusty darning needle. Thread needle with your yarn tail, and poke it through the two loops of the first sc of the round.

Then turn your work so the wrong side faces you. Push needle through the two loops on the back of the last dc of the round.
Now pull yarn through, and this is what it will look like before you adjust the tension to match the rest.
Finished view. Weave in ends, and there you go. Now your flower can look perfectly symmetrical :)
This can be adapted to a number of different stitches. I love using it on hats, among other things.

Oct 15, 2008

Sneaky Snakes - pattern

Here's the pattern for my pink hat, as requested.

I just want to add that although it was inspired both by the Gemma beret and the Slouchy Lace Hat by Just_A_Girl over at Craftster, I still feel that this hat is different enough to justify posting the pattern :)

Oct 2, 2008

A little bit of everything

You know, this is kind of embarrassing... I started the socks for Jeff about... a month ago, I think? Then I promptly proceeded to work on all sorts of other projects, for no good reason, only random urges. So far I've finished a sweater (it's blocking now), made a gazillion of the small flowers I posted a pattern for, made some other small tiny washcloths for removing makeup (they're really cute, simple and colorful), crocheted a coaster (actually I made 3, but I only like one of them), and, let's see... yes, I also crocheted a couple of tiny, cute mushrooms that must go in a Halloween-decoration or something. Add to that a couple of tawashi that I haven't seamed yet, and you can see that I have been sort of busy, despite it appearing otherwise.

Now, I only have pictures of a couple of these projects. No excuse, aside from laziness and not wanting to put anyone through picture overload. Mostly laziness.

I also became a mod over at Tawashi Town (because I spend so much time there anyway, hah), so at least now I have an excuse to hang around.

Oh, and I started a blog in Norwegian.

Now I want to knit more washcloths, because my brain likes the utter lack of concentration needed - and the suspense when knitting with a variegated yarn: "Ooooh, how will these colors mix? What if I mix two different yarns? What if I add a couple more stitches? What if I make a really tiny washcloth with one solid and one variegated?" I can entertain myself for hours...