Sep 1, 2008

Sneaky cats!

In the pattern I posted yesterday, I mentioned some possible uses for a miniature boob. One of my suggestions was to give it to a cat for a slightly disturbing cat toy.
Now, I didn't give one to my cats. Nonetheless, today I heard Sally making her little growl that she does every time she has stolen something and proudly carries it around in her mouth.Who can resist a thief like that? I know I can't.
Oh, and ignore the mess... The cats run amok every single night, making any attempt at keeping the shoes and carpet neat completely futile.

I think Sebbie noticed the new toy too... despite Sally's attempts at hiding. Right after this photo was taken, Sebbie made a jump for it and managed to steal it for a while. This is no small feat, imagine 20lbs of cat jumping like a kitten!

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