Aug 12, 2008

Summer hat

Here is one of my new summer hats! For some reason, it ended up being pink. Don't ask me why, I usually go for purple or black. I guess my subconsciousness decided pink was the color of the day.
The pattern is simple. I just modified the eyelet-pattern from the Gemma beret, and then decreased a lot to make it slouchy.
The hat is made with Bernat Handicrafter cotton, which is actually very soft compared to Sugar & Cream, but sheds like a bitch. Don't knit with your laptop on your lap... just trust me on that one. Unless you don't mind the keyboard being covered in fuzz, that is.

This is the first time in.... 20 years or so, that I've actually worn pink voluntarily. It might be a sign of my brain degenerating as I get older, but I prefer to see it as "yay, color". ;)

Next task up should be making pyjama pants with the skull fabric I received for last Christmas. Because pink and skulls go together perfectly. Or something.

This entry brought to you by Death - Zero Tolerance.


cheex said...

Hi, I LOVE this hat and have been trying to find a pattern for the perfect slouchy hat. I noticed you posted patterns for some of your other items - is the pattern for this hat available by any chance? thanks :)

Marte said...

Thank you :)

I'll dig out the hat and see if I remember how I made it, then make a new post.