Jul 22, 2008

What I've been doing aside from working

(not much)

Sheesh, this working thing is exhausting, isn't it? Good thing I get yarn money in return, at least!

Here's the result of something that definitely is more pleasure than work - can you guess what?
Tawashi, of course. After all, I have a bag full of tawashi yarn I need to use!
I'm getting very ready for a larger, wearable, SOFT project, though. I'm thinking a sweater is on the horizon. First paycheck, I'm looking at you!

Oh, and before you get to see the pictures: I love my new crochet hooks! (rakuraku by Hamanaka) If you have problems with wrist pain while crocheting, you definitely should try these out. They allowed me to alter my grip, so while before I could not crochet at all, now I can go on for at least an hour or two. I learned my lesson and stop BEFORE I feel pain this time around.
From top to bottom: Happy flower, happy frog and a happy orange. Sense a theme here? These are all patterns from a Japanese tawashi book called "Enjoying 4 seasons".


Jamie said...

These are so cute! I can't imagine ever washing anything with them and getting them dirty though. They'd be sad.

Marte said...

Wanna know a secret? I can't bring myself to use the ones with faces... they just hang around looking cute :)

Jamie said...

You know that blue blob or droplet on your banner? Is it a character from something? I've seen it before, but I have no idea where it originated from! I'm wondering where it's from, or if it's just a big coincidence.

Marte said...

Yup, it's a slime, from the Dragon Warrior games, which are now called Dragon Quest :)I just think they're so adorable!