Jul 1, 2008

Small update

Today the rain finally stopped for a while. Long enough for me to take some pictures of things I've made lately. The last 3 weeks have been very grey and wet, which is why I haven't updated much. I've spent my time crocheting, knitting and watching movies (and old episodes of MacGyver!).

A while ago I ordered crochet hooks from Japan, hoping they would make for easier crocheting. Turns out they do! I lovelovelove them. They're called Raku Raku, and are made by Hamanaka. The rainbow colors are of course a huge bonus ;) I will post pictures of them later, when I receive my darning needles and stitch markers - my tools really needed an upgrade, I've been using old stuff from my mother and Jeff's grandmother so far. Which is fine, except the metal needles/hooks made my hands hurt, I had no stitch markers, and I lost my darning needle. So yay for good tools!

Since I was able to take pictures outside today, I will soon update with that other pattern I've been trying to finish for quite a while. But while I'm working on that, here are some other pictures of cute tawashi! These are all from patterns in "Magic Scrubber", which is a collection of the most popular patterns from the 4 first Magic Scrubber books. If you like cute crafts and can read charts, I highly recommend it!

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Hilde C. said...

Den poten var ordentlig søt :-)