Jul 9, 2008

New cravings (but not for food)

Suddenly I found myself with the urge to make headbands. Large amounts of headbands, in different neat prints and fabrics. This might have something to do with the fact that I just started working in a kitchen, so I need to keep the hair out of my face - and by the second day, I figured out that a hairnet line across the forehead at closing time isn't very sexy.
Hence, the headbands. But I like variety, and I can only wear my skull patterned one so much before I go crazy.

I need small amounts of different fabrics - there must be a way to get this? I can't buy it locally, the one fabric store nearby deals mostly with upholstery of furniture.

When I DO get my hands on pretty fabrics, I'm going to use my two favorite patterns to produce many, many headbands/wraps/scarves. There are three more versions available there, but the wide ones fit my needs perfectly.

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