Jul 22, 2008

What I've been doing aside from working

(not much)

Sheesh, this working thing is exhausting, isn't it? Good thing I get yarn money in return, at least!

Here's the result of something that definitely is more pleasure than work - can you guess what?
Tawashi, of course. After all, I have a bag full of tawashi yarn I need to use!
I'm getting very ready for a larger, wearable, SOFT project, though. I'm thinking a sweater is on the horizon. First paycheck, I'm looking at you!

Oh, and before you get to see the pictures: I love my new crochet hooks! (rakuraku by Hamanaka) If you have problems with wrist pain while crocheting, you definitely should try these out. They allowed me to alter my grip, so while before I could not crochet at all, now I can go on for at least an hour or two. I learned my lesson and stop BEFORE I feel pain this time around.
From top to bottom: Happy flower, happy frog and a happy orange. Sense a theme here? These are all patterns from a Japanese tawashi book called "Enjoying 4 seasons".

Jul 10, 2008

Latest loot

Click picture for larger version - it sure helps if you want to read the text!

Isn't it awesome how all the tools match?

If there's anything in this photo you want to get your hands on as well, just contact me and I will let you know where you can find it :)

Jul 9, 2008

New cravings (but not for food)

Suddenly I found myself with the urge to make headbands. Large amounts of headbands, in different neat prints and fabrics. This might have something to do with the fact that I just started working in a kitchen, so I need to keep the hair out of my face - and by the second day, I figured out that a hairnet line across the forehead at closing time isn't very sexy.
Hence, the headbands. But I like variety, and I can only wear my skull patterned one so much before I go crazy.

I need small amounts of different fabrics - there must be a way to get this? I can't buy it locally, the one fabric store nearby deals mostly with upholstery of furniture.

When I DO get my hands on pretty fabrics, I'm going to use my two favorite patterns to produce many, many headbands/wraps/scarves. There are three more versions available there, but the wide ones fit my needs perfectly.

Jul 6, 2008

An eventful week!

Two days ago, I woke up to Jeff telling me that I might want to clean some of my clothes and jump in the shower, because in two hours we'd be going to Quebec City!
Turns out he had arranged with a friend to go there for the 400th anniversary of the founding of the city. They were going to have crazy huge pretty fireworks, a Van Halen concert and probably lots of other thing that we didn't have time for.

I'm not really a fan of Van Halen, but it was nice getting out of the countryside for a while. There were 75 000 people at the concert, and they all wore little red blinking lights (that was the festival pass). After the concert, we went to a hotel the friend's cousin was the director of, and guess who checked in while we were there? David Lee Roth, with a huge perma-grin stuck on his face.

The fireworks were really great too. I took a bunch of pictures, but my cam isn't very suited for pictures at night. Still, I think some of them came out ok. It lasted for half an hour, with so many explosions you wouldn't believe it.

400 000 people were out in the streets that night to see the fireworks. We had to walk for 1 1/2 hour to get to the car, because all the buses were full and the streets were crowded. I actually enjoyed the walk! Way better than waiting in line with a car for 2-3 hours just to get out of the city, that's for sure.

I almost forgot the most important news, though: In the car on the way TO Quebec City, the cellphone rang! The call was for me (whoa, that hardly ever happens), and just like that, I got a job. I had stopped by at a local thai-restaurant with my CV the day before, so on thursday afternoon, the owner called and asked if I could start working the very next day. Of course I said yes! Today was my second day at work, and I think I'm doing quite ok. I've never worked in a kitchen like that before, but it mostly consists of running around like a madwoman to get everything done :p
I'm really happy about this job, because I love thai-food, and now I will actually learn how to make it the right way! Besides, the owner (and chef) makes me delicious food every time I work. Oh, yeah, did I mention it's one of my favorite restaurants? And now I get food there for free! <3

Please excuse me if I don't update a lot for a while - this job thing is quite exhausting, and I don't think I will have a lot of time off. I CAN get some time off if I ask, but at the moment I just want to earn some money so I can save for moving, a new computer and other fun stuff.

Jul 2, 2008

New pattern - bellflower tawashi

Two versions this time - one that uses both crochet and knitting, and one that is knitting only.
The knitting only version is in the bottom picture. They're both included in the same pattern.




Jul 1, 2008

Small update

Today the rain finally stopped for a while. Long enough for me to take some pictures of things I've made lately. The last 3 weeks have been very grey and wet, which is why I haven't updated much. I've spent my time crocheting, knitting and watching movies (and old episodes of MacGyver!).

A while ago I ordered crochet hooks from Japan, hoping they would make for easier crocheting. Turns out they do! I lovelovelove them. They're called Raku Raku, and are made by Hamanaka. The rainbow colors are of course a huge bonus ;) I will post pictures of them later, when I receive my darning needles and stitch markers - my tools really needed an upgrade, I've been using old stuff from my mother and Jeff's grandmother so far. Which is fine, except the metal needles/hooks made my hands hurt, I had no stitch markers, and I lost my darning needle. So yay for good tools!

Since I was able to take pictures outside today, I will soon update with that other pattern I've been trying to finish for quite a while. But while I'm working on that, here are some other pictures of cute tawashi! These are all from patterns in "Magic Scrubber", which is a collection of the most popular patterns from the 4 first Magic Scrubber books. If you like cute crafts and can read charts, I highly recommend it!