Jun 1, 2008

More boob charm

The picture of my tiny little boob I posted a couple of days ago was embarrassingly bad. That's what happens when it's raining outside and we have no daylight inside - a downside of living in the bottom apartment with tiny windows.

I tried again today. It's still raining, but I managed to chase the cats away from the window long enough to take a couple of photos. Actually this is another, slightly revised version of Little Miss Mini Boob. I couldn't help myself, I had to make another.
Yes, what you see over there to the right is my bag. In all its dorky glory!


Anonymous said...

Could you share how you made this? I have a friend who would love this!

Marte said...

Sure, I'll look through my notes and post it later - my notebook is a big nightmare of scribbles ;)

Anonymous said...


Meagan said...

Hi I love your pieces!
I am very involved with breast cancer walks and I would love to sell the boob charms for fundraisers! Could I use your pattern and make cards giving you credit?
please email me at meaganmbetts@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

I love the mini-boob!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity with the world. You're an inspiration and teacher to us all.

Marte said...

Thank you, that's sweet of you to say :)