Jun 9, 2008

I received yarn from Japan!

As promised, here are the pictures of both yarn, strawberry bag and tawashi book together.
I get happy just from looking at all the colors :)

A closer look at the yarn:


MikKnits said...

Marte, what is the difference in texture between the acrylic yarn from Japan and the acrylic yarn we can get in the US? I know the Japanese yarns are antibacterial, but do they feel rougher?

Marte said...

The Japanese yarn actually feels very soft to work with, I was surprised how non-scratchy it was. But when I use it to clean dishes, it feels slightly rougher, moreso when it gets wet, I think. The texture when it's wet reminds me slightly of the softest version of scouring pads like these
It's also a bit thicker than your average cheap acrylic yarn.

The yarn I ordered (Jolly Time 2 from Wister) is very splitty, though. It's ok for knitting, slightly more annoying to crochet, but not more than I can deal with.

I've ordered a batch of another kind of Japanese yarn as well, I'm curious if there will be much of a difference.

Unless you want the super-bright colors or the antibacterial properties, I think you can just as well use any acrylic yarn. The "scrubbing power" is the same, at least for me.
I noticed some of my non-Japanese tawashi get a little bit smelly sometimes, but nothing a good cleaning won't take care of.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, could you give me a hint where to buy yarns in Japan? I don´t have any ideas about language etc. Thanks a lot
Hanna from Germay

Marte said...

Hanna: You can find people selling Japanese yarns on Etsy. I have some of them linked in my sidebar, under Useful Links :)