Jun 14, 2008


Today I spent half an hour outside just smelling the lilacs. I usually stay away from the garden where they grow, because of hordes of tourists and insects, both equally annoying.

But today I went there. I just stood there, smelling the flowers and taking pictures.
Some day I want a garden just for my family, surrounded by lilac trees.

Jun 13, 2008

New pattern in progress and also new-old haircut

After having had my natural hair color since about Christmas, I just couldn't stand it anymore. Nothing against blond hair on others, it's simply not for me. I don't feel like myself. At the same time, my head was well past the point of looking like a shaggy mess, so to the hairdresser I went (BEFORE dying my hair so the poor woman wouldn't get purple hands, purple combs, a purple chair and purple stains on the floor. Yes, our bathroom looks great every time I shower).

I was armed with pictures to make sure she understood what I wanted This is a rural area after all, so I didn't expect her to have any idea what I was talking about. This is the same hairdresser I went to last summer, then I wanted an a-line bob, and she did an ok job with that - so I figured I'd be in safe(ish) hands. To my surprise, she didn't even blink an eye when I told her what I wanted, she simply asked how much to shave. I've never had this done by a hairdresser before, I always used to do it myself, but our current bathroom is dark and small, with a tiny mirror, so I didn't want to take the chance. Besides, I felt lazy.

She put the hair I wanted to keep in a bun on top and started shaving. I was not entirely sure I could trust her, because she did it very fast and it was all over in less than 15 minutes, the whole time of which I had an audience consisting of one old lady who stared at me like I was insane. 5 minutes before they had been discussing how beautiful my hair is, then I shave most of it off?

Hairdresser finished, I paid and went back home. The first thing I did was to check in the mirror to see if it was straight (uh-oh)...
Turns out she had cut quite a large chunk at one side that was not supposed to be cut. Yay! I obsessed about it overnight, tried telling myself I could just start growing that little spot out. Yeah, right.
The next day I grabbed a mirror, went to the bathroom and made my undercut a little higher, just so the missing chunk of hair got eliminated.

Long story short, maybe I should just trust myself when it comes to hair...

P.S. The hairdresser is awesome though, she's so friendly and nice. She's just not used to the kind of haircuts I ask for, I think she deals mostly with older women.


If you stayed all through that long hair story, here's your reward. I'm writing up a new tawashi pattern, just have some pictures left to take and clean up my notes.

Isn't the bluebell pretty? I think it needs some knitted bumblebees to go with it. That might end up being my next project, even though I have so many tawashi now, I could start a shop (if I could part with them, that is). They're just so fun to make :)

I spent a good half hour outside, hanging knitted bellflowers on random plants and taking pictures. The neighbours must have thought I was even weirder than usual.


Oh, oh, one more thing: I'm getting these shoes in the mail soon!
I feel giddy like a 5-year old (and will soon look like one as well).
Even though I don't own one single piece of clothing that will go with them, I don't care. I will wear them with all black if I have to, that's how awesome they are!
I was lucky too, the very largest size available is my size. Apparently Korean girls have small feet.

The image is shamelessly stolen from the seller.


Jun 9, 2008

I received yarn from Japan!

As promised, here are the pictures of both yarn, strawberry bag and tawashi book together.
I get happy just from looking at all the colors :)

A closer look at the yarn:

Jun 1, 2008

More boob charm

The picture of my tiny little boob I posted a couple of days ago was embarrassingly bad. That's what happens when it's raining outside and we have no daylight inside - a downside of living in the bottom apartment with tiny windows.

I tried again today. It's still raining, but I managed to chase the cats away from the window long enough to take a couple of photos. Actually this is another, slightly revised version of Little Miss Mini Boob. I couldn't help myself, I had to make another.
Yes, what you see over there to the right is my bag. In all its dorky glory!