May 26, 2008

Never trust a facehugger, not even a cuddly-looking one!

A few days ago, I came across this pattern for a crocheted facehugger on ravelry.
Of course I had to make one for Jeff, after all, every Alien fan needs their own facehugger toy.

I sneakily printed out the notes and crocheted quietly behind him while he was surfing the web.

The moment I was done, don't you think the little critter jumped me? Luckily I didn't crochet it a brain, so failhugger jumped my ear instead. I'm sorry little guy, that's not the way to do it.

Realizing its mistake (can they grow a brain? Aliens/facehuggers never cease to surprise me with their adaptability), it jumped poor Cthulhu instead. Turns out that being an Elder God didn't help him much in this case.

Now I'm starting to get worried - what kind of terrifying creature will come to life from this? A Cthalien? We might just be doomed, I'm sorry guys.

(On a positive note, Jeff loved his little sneaky critter.)

Doomsday might be coming our way, but at least it will be cute!

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