May 17, 2008

Back from Quebec!

I know, I didn't even say that I was going. We left on Tuesday morning and took the bus back on Saturday. Had a great time eating good food, walking around, enjoying the nice weather and stocking up on food stuff we can't get here.
At a Tunisian restaurant I tasted delicious mint tea with orange blossom water, had a nice salad consisting of tabouleh, carrots with orange blossom water, hummus, pickled peppers and a chick pea salad. The main dish was chich taouk, with more of the tabouleh (to my delight) and an insanely spicy harissa sauce that I must get my hands on sometime.

We also went to The Hobbit, as usual. We always go there when we're in Quebec, this time we stopped by twice. If you're ever in Quebec, you must pay them a visit. Very good, affordable food, and the waiters are super friendly. Also vegetarian friendly, if that's an issue.

The first time I had a grilled chicken burger with all sorts of goodies inside. Jeff had deer burger, which apparently also was tasty. The second time (breakfast on Saturday), we both got the breakfast plate with a poached egg, a bagel, veggie paté, fruit salad and large bits of various fresh melons. The perfect breakfast, it took care of my hunger without making me feel too full.

Wow, that was a lot of talk about food! Now I'm hungry again. We DID do other things than eat, really!


Right now I'm working on a few tawashi patterns that I plan on posting. I only need to finish taking the pictures and proof read the patterns, and it will all be ready. Stay tuned, it shouldn't take too long. I just need the sun to come out so I can get some decent daylight here!

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