Apr 7, 2008

Slightly Slouchy - a hat pattern

Since my hair is in an awkward stage of growing out at the moment, I wear hats almost all the time. Thick hats are way too warm to wear inside, so I try to make them as thin as possible. My latest obsession is slouchy hats, so that's what I set out to make.

Unfortunately I ran short on yarn, which is why this one isn't as slouchy as I'd like – although I have a big head, so who knows, maybe my hat would be slouchy on the right person.

Here's the pattern for the hat in the picture. It's made to fit a head that is 22-23" around.

If you want it more slouchy, simply knit for an extra inch or so before you start the decreases. That's what I will do the next time I make one.
If the ribbing feels too tight when you're done, just block it until it fits you right.

Needles: US 2/2.75mm for ribbing, US 6/4mm for the rest of the hat – or whichever needles give you the right gauge.

Gauge: 23sts stockinette = 4"/10cm with the larger needles

Yarn: handpaintedyarn.com's lace yarn, held double. I love this yarn, it's both soft and cheap, and comes in so many beautiful colors.

With larger needles, cast on 127 sts. Change to smaller needles. Knit first stitch together with last stitch to join. (You're supposed to have 126 sts total, but cast on one extra for the join). Make sure to place marker where round begins.

Rnd. 1-6: k1, p1

Next round: Change to larger needles. K2tog once, then knit the rest of the round.

Knit stockinette for 6"/15cm for a less slouchy hat, or do as I said in the beginning and knit an inch or two longer.

Now on to the decreases. There are 3 rounds between each decrease round to make sure that the decreases never end up on top of each other, so they show as little as possible. I didn't want the decrease-lines that a lot of hats have.

*K3, K2TOG* around (100sts left)
Knit 3 rounds
*K2, K2TOG* around (75sts left)
K3 rounds
*K1, K2TOG* around (50 sts left)
K3 rounds
*K2TOG* around (25 sts left)
K3 rounds
*K2TOG* around, knit the last stitch (13 sts left)

Break yarn, pull through remaining stitches.

Weave in ends. Block hat if needed.

Admire your creation :)

(P.S If you prefer the pattern as a pdf, it's available on Ravelry.)

Please don't copy this pattern to other websites - provide a link to it instead. Thank you.

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