Apr 12, 2008

Shawl pins

Someone who enjoys making (and wearing!) shawls as much as I do, will of course eventually need at least one shawl pin. I'm tired of constantly fighting with the wind to keep my shawl on, while struggling with bags because I only have two arms, one of which is always busy trying to keep that pretty fabric draped around my shoulders from escaping.

Also, shawl pins are pretty. I haven't actually bought one yet, that will have to wait until the budget allows for such frivolous spending. But: There's no reason why an uncooperative wallet should stop me from hunting for the perfect pin. For some reason many of my favorite pins are apparently made to be hair sticks, and "real" shawl pins seem hard to come by. Not that it matters, if it can double as hair decoration, all the better.
I figured Etsy would be a good place to start, I like supporting small, creative businesses.

Note: I'm in no way affiliated with any of these stores, and I have never bought anything from them (yet). My opinion is solely based on personal taste and pretty pictures.

From Etsy-seller Nightblooming:

From another Etsy-seller, Castlemountain:
This seller has so much gorgeous stuff, it's hard to pick just one. But this is my favorite. Again, simple, but still decorative. A bit pricey, although I must admit I have no idea how much work goes into making these.

No more Etsy, now let's see what the rest of the web had to offer:

Many, many gorgeous pins from The Jelling Dragon. They specialize in viking age and medieval reproductions. Way out of my budget for now, but a girl can dream, no? Some of these are quite large, so they might not be the best for delicate lace shawls. My absolute favorites, heavy or not!

More museum reproductions, this time from Urweg. The same goes as for the ones above: Pricey, some may be too large for delicate lace, but I love them anyway.

That's it for the museum. Now some actual made-for-knitting shawl pins!

From Designs by Romi comes swirly, pretty silver (also available in bronze, for those who prefer that).

Last, but not least, more swirly silvery pins, this time from Leslie Wind:


♥♡♥PaLiToZ♥♡♥ said...

OH! those are beautiful I love "pin" (that`s the name?) because I have a long hair and the wind UF! is all my hair tangle up XP
I use pencil jajajaja or sometimes I use the stick (is that the name?) of the Chinese food XP
but... I want one of those jijiji
hugs dear
=^-^= kisses TAUBE

Marte said...

They are indeed beautiful! If my hair was long enough (I wish!), I'd use a pretty stick to keep it up as well.

It's called a hair stick if you use it in your hair, and a pin if you use it with clothes - pins are often a bit thinner and sharper because it's more practical with fabric.

The one you use to eat chinese food with is called a chopstick :)