Apr 22, 2008

New batch of tawashi

The last week or so, I've been knitting up a tawashi storm. Mostly fishies, but there's a fair amount of other kinds as well because, well, experimenting is fun. Some patterns I winged, others are linked in my massive tawashi linkdump post.
I had even more, but gave some away to share the love :)

Get ready for color overload! (as if there is such a thing, hmph)

Woven balls

Flowery thing

Fishies! 9 of them, to be exact.

Look at all the pretty colors:

Woven squares

Hypnotizing, isn't it?

Handtowel/washcloth set in cotton


Anonymous said...

LOVE the handtowl washcloth set. Really cute!

Marte said...

Thank you :) Hopefully the recipient will agree with you!

Sam Love said...
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Sam Love said...

what is the pattern for the woven squares and woven ball? did you do that yourself or find it online? I would love to use it myself!

Marte said...

Hi :)

There's a basic pattern for the woven square here: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Su2/japanese-scrubber-knit-tawashi

The ball I made based on a picture of a similar crocheted one. It's just 3 garter stitch strips, interlocked and seamed.