Apr 3, 2008


Because I slightly lose my mind when I can't knit or do other crafts (I'm fidgety by nature, just cannot keep those hands still), I decided to try to knit left-handed today, just to see if it would hurt less. I don't think it's a viable option, unfortunately, since I still have to hold on to the yarn with my right hand.
It was fun, though. I managed to master the long-tail cast on, knit and purl. My brain knew the movements, I just had to mirror everything and convince my hands to change roles.
I also tried knitting back and forth, just for the fun of it, and I love being able to knit stockinette without having to purl.

All of this took no more than ten minutes, so I don't think I've compromised the healing of my arm. Speaking of which, I did go to the doctor yesterday. He seemed convinced it was carpal tunnel, and got me an appointment for an EMG at a hospital in July. If it's carpal tunnel, they'll do the surgery - I suspect I'll need both arms done, it's a family weakness.

July feels like an awfully long wait though... and that's just for the test. I have no idea how I'm supposed to last that long without knitting, crocheting, beading. I guess I could always sew, but the cutting of fabrics hurts just as much as the rest.
I think maybe I'll save up to buy some bulky wool yarn, maybe naalebinding could work.
I'd weave, but looms are expensive (and huge when you live in an apartment).

Any ideas for cheap arm/wrist friendly crafts?

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