Apr 12, 2008

Arrr, only rum can make this mug better

This may be late, but so what! For my birthday (11th of January), I received a great gift from my husband. You see, I had been looking for "the perfect mug" for ages, but just couldn't seem to find it. To be honest, it was turning into an obsession. I somehow thought that without my "perfect mug", I could not enjoy my tea the way it deserved to be enjoyed. So I looked and I looked. I googled, ebayed, and searched my little heart out. The "perfect mug" was nowhere to be found.

Until I discovered the works of Mr. Morrigan Quicksilver. His piratey mugs had the perfect shape, color, attitude and craftmanship (and I'm extremely picky).
Not only does he make great mugs. He communicates solely in "pirate speak". Yes, every word in this man's emails is completely in character. My mug was extremely well wrapped, in newspapers, cardboard and whathaveyou, there was no way the mail could possibly have mangled this gem. The package also contained stickers, a coaster and on top of that, a promotional flyer for an independent piratey movie.

The mug might seem pricey, but it's worth every penny. The only "downside" I can find, is that good old Mr. Mug demands that I use him to drink rum every now and then.

I can live with that!
In fact, I'd buy a lot more from Mr. Quicksilver if I could afford it. I love it that much!

(As usual, I'm not in any way affiliated with the store. I just love the product and want to share)


Anonymous said...

Stilig krus!! Litt rom i ny og ne skader vel ikkje?! ;)

Marte said...

Det har du helt rett i, litt rom innimellom er bare sunt ;)