Mar 24, 2008

It's an addiction!

I've spent the last week searching the web high and low for patterns and ideas for tawashi (which is just the japanese word for scrubby, but it does make it sound more interesting).

When I felt just the right amount of inspiration settle in, I started knitting. Then I didn't stop knitting until my wrist hurt. I waited one day, made some more, waited another day, made some more... now I'll probably have to take a week or so to rest my arm, but I just COULD NOT STOP before. This post is my attempt at saying ENOUGH for now. Give your poor arm a rest, woman!

So I took a bunch of pictures, and here they are for the world to see - the cutest, most adorable scrubbies you can imagine.

Look up the Tawashi Town group on Ravelry for many, many patterns. They have the best collection I've found so far.

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