Mar 25, 2008

A finished shawl and a very long hat!

Today was a nice, sunny day and I actually got around to taking pictures of my Revontuli shawl! I know it's been forever since I finished it, and I HAVE tried taking pictures of it before. They just never came out right.

Today I grabbed my husband the moment he came back from work, and convinced him that we should take pictures right away.

This is the shawl. It's large, even though I wanted to make it even bigger, but ran out of yarn. I guess that was a good thing. Behold, very purple shawl!


I have wings, and then I don't. The second picture shows the colors best.


Then there's the hat. My super crazy long pixie hat with black and purple stripes. And 6 stars dangling from the very end - beat that! The longest star reaches the back of my knees when I wear the hat. I'm 5'10", so nope, not kidding when I say the hat is long.

Say hi to my husband modelling the hat - I just wanted to make sure the pictures came out right this time, which is why I didn't model it myself - it's hard to make the hat lay right on your own back, trust me.
He was very cold, as you can see - it was -20C outside. Oh well, at least his head was warm!

Yes, it's as cold as it looks.


Butt! No, wait, there's a hat in this picture too. See how long the hat is?


My most favoritest dangly pompom thing ever. 6 stars with braided cords.


randi K design said...

Hi! I love your hat! Is it your own design?
Your poor husband looks really cold.. you need to knit him a warm sweater!
Have a great day, hope it gets warmer up there soon!

Arpelia said...

Thanks! Yes, it's my own design.
Don't feel too bad for my husband, he has a very warm, nice winter coat - he just didn't bother to wear it for the pictures :)

lunacia said...

But... Where did the photos go?

Arpelia said...

The photos will be back soonish. My Fotki-account expired, you see, and I don't have the money to renew it right now.

C5 said...

You have a very nice hat! You have wonderful creations, I wish I can do the same. I crochet sometimes but without a pattern. I can't read patterns nor can make one so I just go on and on however I imagine it.

Marte said...

Thank you :) Following patterns isn't that hard - whenever I don't understand something, I just look it up. The internet is wonderful like that! But a lot of the time I just improvise as well :)

alice said...

is there somewhere where i could find a pattern similar to this? i want to make a really long santa hat for this winter.

Marte said...

If you want a super long hat, this one is quite similar - it hangs flat, though. If you want it to be completely round, you'll have to space the decreases around more evenly instead of having them all at the same point in the back.