Feb 5, 2008

A (temporary) change of crafts

For some reason, yesterday I got bitten by the beading bug. I don't have a lot of beads, and probably not a lot of patience either (I just wanted to finish something for once), so these are all small things. In fact, they're all the same thing: Little cuffs to decorate dreads with.
I don't even have dreads, so you might wonder why on earth I keep making things I can't use. The answer is easy; I like making them. They're the perfect size for tiny little graphics - from video games or what have you, pixel art is great for this kind of beading.

Some day I might start a larger project, but that will have to be in a room far away from curious cats.

Over to the pictures!

The first one off is inspired by Naruto. I started working on it a couple of years ago, when my younger brother was very into the series. Then I just kind of forgot until I found it again and finished it yesterday.

Another angle:

Next, purple skull&crossbones:

Space Invader!

Another Space Invader:

Their little space ship:

And last, but definitely not least, the 1-Up mushroom! My absolute favorite, the colors are so bright and happy :)

They'll all be for sale in my etsy store when I get around to listing them.