Jan 5, 2008

Pattern for the ridiculously huge pompom hat

Since I wrote down what I did, I might as well share it with you. Please tell me if there are any mistakes, they do happen from time to time.

Before you start, you should know that this entire hat is oversized, not just the pompom. I made it so that someone with lots of hair or, say, dreads could wear it. If you want it smaller, just skip one increase row (which will also make it a little shorter) and maybe adjust the earflaps so they start with 7 sts instead of 9.

Oversized pompom hat Oversized pompom hat - side view

I used Sandnes Canto for this, which is a super bulky yarn (although thick and

thin, so the gauge varies). 4 balls were needed, 3 dark purple and 1 lilac

(that's including the pompom, it takes a whole ball of yarn). Each ball contains about 35m of yarn.

Hook: 9mm
Gauge: 9 sts = 10cm/4" in dc.

Dc 10 in second loop from hook

Round 1: Ch 2. Increase in each st around. Join to first dc. (20 sts)
Round 2: Ch 2. 1 dc in same st as ch2. *Dc 1, increase in next st* Repeat
around. Join to first dc. (30 sts)
Round 3: Ch 2. 1 dc in same st as ch2. *Dc 2, increase in next st* Repeat
around. Join to first dc. (40 sts)
Round 4: Ch 2. 1 dc in same st as ch2. *Dc 3, increase in next st* Repeat
around. Join to first dc. (50 sts)
Rounds 5-9: Work even.
Fasten off.

Find the center stitch on each side of the hat.
On one side of hat, count 4 sts to each side of center stitch, 9 sts in all

Row 1: Join yarn, and dc in each of the 9 marked sts. Ch2, turn (9 sts - I
don't count the ch2 as a stitch here)
Row 2: Dc in each st. Ch2, turn (9 sts)
Row 3: Dc2tog, dc5, dc2tog. Ch2, turn (7sts)
Row 4: Dc2tog, dc3, dc2tog
Row 5: Dc2tog, dc1, dc2tog
Fasten off.

Repeat for the other earflap.

After both earflaps are done, join your contrast yarn in the middle back.
Sc around the entire bottom edge. Join with sl st, fasten off.
Weave in ends.

Attach 3 double strands of yarn, as long as you want (1 lilac, 2 dark purple)
to bottom middle stitch of each earflap and make 1 braid on each side.

Make ridiculously large pompom. Anchor it well, the wind might want a piece of
this one ;)

Please don't copy this pattern to other websites - provide a link to it instead. Thank you.

Jan 4, 2008

2 hats

I've had all this Sandnes Canto in my stash for over a year now, and it was driving me nuts. Usually I don't keep yarn around for more than a couple of months, but this time I could not figure out anything to do with it all.

Then these two hats came along. I'm actually quite satisfied with them, especially the pompom/earflap one. Seems like this particular yarn looks better in crochet.


Oversized pompom hat - side view